Broco Oil FAQs

Broco Oil FAQs

Q: What does Broco Oil stand for?
A: The name stands for Brown Company Oil which has been shortened to Broco Oil. The bee on the side of the truck is a Naval Seabee, which is a tribute to the owner’s military background.

Q: Why don’t you give out credit?
A: The best way to keep our prices low and keep overhead down is to have payment upon delivery.

Q: How often should I clean my burner?
A: We recommend a burner cleaning once a year

Q: Why are other oil companies more expensive?
A: All heating oil comes from the same handful of terminals and it is all the same pricing for every company. Each companies purchase price depends on their operating costs and overhead.

Q: Will oil go up or down in price this year?
A: We can never be sure what oil will do, but you can get an idea of what oil will do the next day by checking out BLOOMBERG.COM

A lot of people make the mistake of watching gas prices. Gasoline prices do not reflect the price of heating oil because it is an entirely different product.
Broco Oil Inc. always wants the price to be as low as possible because it is better for the customer and our company.