Caught in the Cold:

Why Your Furnace May Not Be Able to Keep Up

We don’t have to tell you that it’s cold outside. Your frozen noses and sticky car doors will tell you that much. Us New Englanders have been truly feeling the effects of the polar vortex that has hit the Midwest. As we’re finally reaching into the double digits, you and your furnace are probably starting to feel some relief. But just because it’s March does not mean the cold weather is completely through!

Did you notice that, in the extreme cold,  your home was struggling to remain at warm temperatures? That your furnace was working overtime to keep up with the polar chills? You’re not the only one… and here’s why:

Your furnace is designed to keep your home at a steady temperature. It is sized to keep up with expected, average conditions, not the extreme drops we are experiencing now. If this is happening to you, how can you combat the cold?cold

Avoid the knee-jerk reaction to crank up the thermostat. This won’t help in the extreme cold because your furnace doesn’t have the ability to bring your home up to its desired temperature. Turning the thermostat up will only make the furnace work harder at the impossible, rather than trying to maintain an acceptable amount of heat for the situation.

Clean your filters. Your furnace has to work harder if your air filter isn’t clean. Making sure your filters are clear gives the furnace a chance to work at full capacity.

Prevent heat loss. If your furnace is already maxed out, you can help it by preventing loss of any of the heat it is producing. Making sure windows are sealed properly, and covering doorways and windows with blankets can drastically improve the room’s ability to keep heat.

Bundle up. Simple enough, a great way to partner up with your furnace is to dress warm! Keep extra clothes on and cozy layers around the house to stay toasty.

Of course, Broco Oil is here to answer any furnace questions you may have, and assist you with any maintenance and check-ups your heating system may need to be sure it can keep working as hard as you do.