Want a Hassle-Free Fall & Winter? Prepare Now! 

We are about to transition into that cool, comfortable weather that rolls in every autumn. Now we know you’d rather not waste your fall thinking about winter… but we’re here to help you not waste your winter fixing your heating system!

If you prepare now, your winter will be nice and warm, safe, and free from aggravation. Houselogic.com has provided us with a simple to follow the article to help you with troubleshooting your oil furnace. https://www.houselogic.com/organize-maintain/home-maintenance-tips/oil-furnace-trouble-shooting/

“An oil-burning furnace is essentially a blowtorch in a fireproof box. Electrical ignition sparks a high-pressure mist of oil and air, heating the air in an adjacent chamber. A blower pushes the warmth throughout your home.

Despite its complexity, problems with an oil-burning furnace are rare. The good news is that many common problems can be addressed easily by a homeowner. However, some repairs call for an HVAC professional.”

Your Best Defense Against Problems

Prevent breakdowns with regular maintenance.

Replace filters at least twice a year.

Vacuum the blower wheel and clean dust and crud away from the electric eye sensor.

Replenish fuel oil regularly to keep levels high.

Alongside easy to read steps, HouseLogic provides videos on how to carry out these inspections and checks!

And we’ve all been there- you’re on the phone making silly noises trying to imitate the squeaks and knocks and squeals to your repair specialists. Lucky for us, this article even outlines what those sounds might be!

Of course, safety is always first. So before making any repairs on your own system, give us a call. Rather not do it yourself? We’d be happy to provide professional assistance. 

All our burner cleaning services include: Changing oil filters, changing & adjusting nozzle, changing pump strainer and gasket, thoroughly brushing/vacuuming heat exchanger, cleaning entire burner assembly, cleaning smokestack in the chimney, adjusting draft, cleaning motor winding, checking the tank and pump flow, and running a full efficiency test. We recommend cleaning your burner once a year. Call us today and start preparing now, so you can rest easy as the temperature drops!